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The Titus Ten Bible Study Book with Video Access includes printed content for 10 sessions, personal study between group sessions, applicable Scripture, “How to Use This Study,” a leader guide, separate leader videos, and tips for leading a group.
Tucked away near the end of the New Testament, you’ll find Paul’s letter to Titus. Scripture provides few details about Titus. But from this 46-verse letter, author Josh Smith has distilled ten foundations upon which to build godly men.

Using his time-tested teaching process, this study can serve as a manual for becoming the kind of man God intends for you to be and leading other men to do the same.

Taking ten qualities from the Apostle Paul's short letter to his mentee Titus, 
The Titus Ten will help you grow in your understanding of the gospel, your identity, your character, and more.

Each chapter includes questions for reflection and discussion to process the way the Lord is developing you and to read in a group with other men. As you grow in these areas of your life, you'll become the kind of man God desires to use in your family, your church, and the world.