Taking advantage of the distinct opportunities in each phase of growing up to influence your child’s future

Junior Church (10-10:45am)

Children will be dismissed from the worship service around 10am to go downstairs with their junior church teachers to their classrooms based on what grade they are in. The three classes are 5yrs & K, 1 & 2 grade, and 3 & 4 grade.


Snack Time (10:45-11:00am)

All the children come together for a small snack. If parents are not planning to stay for Sunday School, your child may be picked up from the large group room below the sanctuary before 11am during snack time (10:45-11:00am).


Large Group (11:00am-11:20am)

During large group time, the children will be led through a large group activity, review of the Bible point of the morning, and a time of singing together.

Small Group (11:20-11:45am)

 After large group time comes small group time. Small groups are usually grade level groups but each have the flexibility to adjust based on gender, learning level, and other factors. In small groups children will be led through a variety of hands on and participatory activities that reinforce the main Bible point of the morning.