Associate Pastor of Family Ministries

North Annville Bible Church

Associate Pastor for Family Ministries Job Description


The role of North Annville Bible Church’s (NABC) Associate Pastor for Family Ministries (henceforth Associate Pastor) is to minister to the congregation by guiding and enhancing the current comprehensive youth ministry serving youth in the 6th through 12th grades and by developing and implementing a ministry to young adults. 

The associate pastor will also oversee the church’s Christian education ministry for children.  This oversight will include developing an overall plan for the education ministries of our children that fall in line with the stated purpose and values of NABC.

Additionally, the associate pastor will assist in pastoral duties when needed as a support to the overall ministry of the church.


The associate pastor is accountable to the senior pastor in matters of day to day supervision, work schedule, and ministry.  The pastor and elders will oversee the job description, salary, benefits, and evaluation of this position.  An annual review of the position will take place prior to June 1st. The annual review will consist of reviewing the past year of ministry while communicating goals and ministry objectives for the upcoming year.


Teamwork – The associate pastor is responsible for supporting and promoting teamwork within the staff and volunteer leadership of NABC.  Essential to this position is the proactive effective communication between the staff and ministry leaders as to the plans and activities of which this position is responsible.  It is also the responsibility of the associate pastor to encourage and develop volunteer leadership within the ministry to youth and young adults, Christian education programs, and the outreach ministry of the church.

Program Development and Implementation – The associate pastor is responsible for planning, developing and implementing ministry for children, youth and young adults that is Christ focused and is in accordance with the statement of faith and constitution of NABC.  The associate pastor will oversee all the team leaders of the children and youth ministry, equipping them though training and mentoring so that the ministry team can be a resource for the families that are served.  The associate pastor is responsible for promoting spiritual growth and development of families by reaching out to respective individuals in the church and community.

The associate pastor will also work with the director of Christian education for adults to develop a unified Christian education program within the church. The associate pastor will work with the elders and senior pastor in developing and implementing curriculum that supports the statement of faith of our church. It will also be the responsibility of the associate pastor to organize, train, and recruit volunteer staff as needed.

Attendance – The associate pastor position is a full-time position with an appropriate amount of regular office hours.  It is the expectation of the pastor and elders that the associate pastor be as visible to the entire congregation as much as possible in all of the ministries of the church, even those beyond the assignments associated with ministries to families. Due to the uniqueness of the time requirements associated with this position, schedule flexibility will be granted when necessary to meet the overall objective of family ministries.

Technology/Communication – The associate pastor must use the appropriate forms of communication technology that is preferred by those involved in the ministries being overseen. The associate pastor must utilize available technology resources in order to communicate and promote ministry opportunities that exist within the ministry of NABC.

Ministry Budget – The associate pastor will prepare a budget for the youth and young adult ministry, and children’s Christian education and submit it to the Finance Committee in the summer as requested. The associate pastor is responsible for tracking expenditures and operating within the budget for the ministries.

Self-Development – The associate pastor is expected to devote time to personal and spiritual growth.  The pastor and elders expect that the associate pastor will continue in educational development and they will support him in that endeavor. 


Bachelor’s degree in Bible is required, a seminary degree is preferred.

Experience in youth ministry is required, additional experience working with young adults and overseeing children’s ministries is preferred.